Nueces Canyon High School
Nueces Canyon High School
Forty years ago we were young, idealistic

and excited about graduating from High

School and starting our lives.  We had

great dreams about going to college,

starting careers, and building marriages

and families.  Now, forty years later, we

are much more mature, far more experienced, and far wiser.  This website is a

celebration of the education and friends that helped prepare us for our lives

and accomplishments. Our upcoming reunion is a also a celebration of our High

School education and friends, and will also enable us to renew these friendships

and share the events and accomplishments of our lives.  We encourage you to

look through the pages of this site and enjoy the memories we share. 

We will continue to add to and update this site regularly, so keep coming back

to see what has been added.  Also, plan on attending our 40th Reunion

celebration this summer.  We can't wait to see you!

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